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The Prestige collection is based on the modern ideals of elegance and style, inspired by the refined fascination of prestigious, artistic lighting. The Prestige collection adds glamour and modernity to any home. The collection is characterised by laser-cut metal frames with an elegant chrome or light gold finish that emphasises the stylish purity of the design and the true refinement of structural and decorative elements like the new Beby Italy logo that embellishes all the creations. The Prestige collection also features SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, hand assembled using a clever and exclusive system. The suspension chandelier is complemented by matching applique, column and table lamps with two-level lighting from LED and G9 halogen capsule lamps. This refined lighting enhances the natural class of the silk lamp shades that symbolise a concept of elegance based on refinement as an age-old yet perpetually modern aesthetic.


1. 晶點銷售之所有商品皆為歐美原裝進口。

2. 「現貨商品」於下單後 1 - 3 個工作天即可出貨,專員將於出貨前與您聯繫。

3. 「預購商品」交期約為下單後 2 - 6 個月不等,建議您於下單前與我們聯繫確認確切交期。

4. 凡於晶點購買之任何商品,均提供原廠一年保固。保固期間凡遇天災或人為因素(使用清潔劑造成商品損傷等)及不可抗力之原因,晶點則不負保固之責任。

5. 晶點提供燈具責任施工及家具組裝服務,需安裝之產品根據安裝產品內容及服務地區提供報價。組裝較為繁複之燈具、家具產品,如需自行安裝,可與我們客服詢問,或建議搭配專業燈具、家具安裝人員協助。

6. 凡於晶點流行燈飾購買之燈具,皆可享有以下售後服務:
- 換燈泡服務工資免費(只計算材料費用)
- 免費燈具檢修服務 - 燈具清潔服務(額外酌收工資)
- 燈具備品及零件更換(須付材料費用並等待原廠製作寄送)

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